Confined Spaces

Systems was asked to perform a scan in the basement of an electrical substation. The basement only has restricted ladder access, so the entire basement requires a confined space permit to enter. The managers were looking to install a staircase for safer, easier access for regular maintenance. The site required bids from multiple companies before the job could be awarded. However, confined space training for multiple people across many different companies in a timely manner presented a logistical issue. The solution to the problem was Systems’ 3D laser scanning. A trained Systems 3D laser scan technician was sent down in to the basement to perform 25 laser scans in and around the area. These scans were then processed and uploaded to the Systems laser scan viewing software. The client then shared the 3D scaled photos with other companies, allowing them to view the area without needing to travel to site. Systems Engineering was able to utilize the 3D scan data, along with the photos, to develop a detailed quote for materials and labor. The low cost of 1 person on site for a few hours led to a low cost for very high confidence bid submissions. Systems Engineering won the bid and went forward to install the staircase, opening up the formerly confined space.