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Quick-Turn Structural Design & Fabrication

Customer approached Systems asking for assistance on an A-frame support that needed to be rebuilt. We reviewed laser scans that we already had of the area and determined that the support was sufficiently scanned to start designing. The A-frame had structural damage from equipment contact and decay from years of being in service. The 3D


Convent Steam Drum

The customer was looking to install crossover valves on their steam drum piping in an effort to keep their steam drum in production. The work took place at high elevation, so field measurements would have been a challenge. We decided to move forward with a 3-D laser scan of their reactor tower so we could


Collaboration: See what it will look like before it goes in

With some of our customers having their entire site laser scanned, they can reach out to us in real time with new projects, whether that is engineering that we’re doing or if they have a model from another vendor, and quickly see what their ideas/planned projects will look like digitally before any install happens. This


Pressure Vessel Replacement: Design, Fabrication, and Install

For this job, the customer had two identical pressure vessels, but only one was in operating condition. They requested that we generate fabrication drawings of an identical pressure vessel, for a replacement. We started by scanning both tanks as they sat. From that scan we were able to get the overall dimensions the tank needed


Confined Spaces

Systems was asked to perform a scan in the basement of an electrical substation. The basement only has restricted ladder access, so the entire basement requires a confined space permit to enter. The managers were looking to install a staircase for safer, easier access for regular maintenance. The site required bids from multiple companies before


Laser Scanning for As-Built Drawings

Admit it, we know that construction projects aren’t always built EXACTLY like the drawings or the model. Modifications and improvements are often made mid-project, with the intention of capturing those changes with field sketches or redlined drawings. With Systems 3D laser scans, redlined drawings are a thing of the past. Systems installed the piping for