Spray-Cooled EAF Roof Conversion

The customer decided to make the switch to a Systems Spray-Cooled EAF Roof. Systems Engineering came out and scanned the existing facility so that an accurate model could be built to accommodate the new roof. Systems engineered the new piping system in such a way that they could be pre-fabricated to minimize plant down time. When the plant goes down, Systems will be ready to install the pre-fabricated spools in place and get them back to making steel quickly. This customer will not have to worry about interferences, because they have already been accounted for with the laser scans.

Once the installation is complete, our laser scan team can scan the finished result to provide an as-built representation of their new system.

Another feature of our laser scans, is our ability to exclude people or unwanted objects from the scans, which can be seen in the image below/above/etc.